Heart & Hands Tarot

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78 cards in lidded cardboard box
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Liz Blackbird
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Retro-feel black-and-white deck with copious flourishes and drama. To your humble Tarot Garden historians, Liz Blackbird's tarot feels like a 21st century stylistic updating of classic B&W decks from the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, such as Hurley and Horler's New Tarot, the Tarocco di Garbarino, and the non-photographic images from the collaborative Amazon Tarot.

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    Heart & Hands Tarot

    Posted by Estelle Daniels on Feb 27th 2022

    This is a black and white deck, not bad in itself, but I found it to be disappointing. It is a "personal journey" deck, and perhaps if you are more in tune with Liz Blackbird, it may speak more to you than it did to me. I found the images to be busy and somewhat cluttered but then you get wonderful ones like the Star and Sun. The pips are RWS derived. Court cards are Princess, Prince, Queen & King. Generally it does the job, but I was not impressed. Again if you are in line with what she does, it may speak to you, it did not to me.