Hip Chick Tarot

Red Feather (Schiffer)

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78 cards and 112-page softcover guidebook in magnetic closure, hinge lid cardboard shelfbox
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Maria Strom
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In her introduction in the Hip Chick Tarot companion guidebook, author/arist Maria Strom writes: "Because I'm a woman and most of the people I read for are women, I created a deck for us. It's exciting and empowering to see women in cards that are usually held by men." In keeping with the female-perspective nature of the cards, Strom has renamed several of the majors (which are all unnumbered); for example: The Empress becomes "Nature", The Emperor is "Structure", and The Hierophant is "Sacred Knowledge". Women from a variety of different cultures are represented within the symbolic scenes of each card.

In the minor arcana, Strom has renamed both the suits and the courts. The suit equivalencies are: Creative (represented by paintbrushes) = Wands, Feel (represented by hearts) = Cups, Think (represented by light bulbs) = Swords, and Earth (represented by globes) = Pentacles. The courts are: Queen = King, Boss = Queen, Teen = Knight, and Child = Page.