Manga Tarot

Lo Scarabeo

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78 cards in standard cardboard box
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Standard edition in print; miniature edition out of print
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Anna Lazzarini
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No doubt about it -- manga (Japanese comics) are popular in the west. And there are plenty of manga-based tarots on the market. The Italian tarot powerhouse of Lo Scarabeo jumps on the Manga bandwagon here, with a deck that's not based on a specific Asian manga, but attempts to capture the manga style in its imagery. The results are mixed -- the artwork is beautiful, and definitely Asian in flavor. But manga in style? A bit debatable, although it's clear that the style is manga-inspired. But, nickpicking aside, you could do a lot worse than to employ this deck for readings. The imagery is pleasant on whatever yardstick you use to measure it. For an alternative approach to this theme, compare with LS's 2020 Traditional Manga Tarot.