Seawitch Tarot


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78 cards and instruction leaflet (in English) in standard cardboard box
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In Print
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Willow Whiteraven

Inspired by "the artistic and magical world of Mademoiselle Dauphin, a little known fortune teller that lived in Paris in the 19th Century", the independently-published Seawitch Tarot evokes a turn-of-the-century aesthetic from its period etches, tintypes, engravings, and other antique artwork. To add to the period feel, most of the core illustrations are surrounded by lush, ornate borders of varying styles. The pip (suited ace - ten) cards bear a mixture of scenic and non-scenic (i.e., pip-only) illustrations. Made available in two editions: standard and limited. The standard edition is roughly equivalent in size and quality to general mass market decks; the signed, 500-copy limited edition is approximately 25% larger and uses French titles in place the English title printed on the standard edition, but on somewhat thinner cardstock.

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    The Seawitch Tarot

    Posted by Aldona on Jun 3rd 2022

    I’m so happy to have this beautiful and unusual deck in my collection. It’s a perfect mix of scenic cards and pips both in black and white and full color. It creates visually stunning spreads. Because of the unusual format, I would say it’s not a beginner’s deck, in my opinion. The card stock is perfect. I’m happy with my purchase!

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    Seawitch Tarot

    Posted by estelle daniels on Feb 28th 2022

    This is a mosaic deck, mainly using illustrations from the Victorian era. Some of the cards are colored, but many of the pips are b&w and non-pictorial. However some pips are pictorial following RWS. Wands have no pictures but cups, pentacles and swords have a few pictures. It's a bit strange, why not do all the cards? The Victorian vibe is really nice, and the pictures are all in ornate frames as a part of the image. I would like it better if all the cards were fully illustrated. The card stock is thicker than normal, and the cards are a bit sticky. The LWB is an 8 page foldout with minimal interpretations.