Starman Tarot

Lo Scarabeo

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78 cards and 192-page softcover guidebook; standard edition house in uniquely cut, side-lid cardboard shelfbox (larger for limited edition, which includes larger cards, With larger, gilded-edge cards, an exclusive metallic paper portfolio, and certif
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Davide de Angelis, Esther de Angelis
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Davide de Angelis -- long time artistic collaborator with David Bowie -- was inspired by his work with the legendary musician to create this mind-bending and richly-detailed tarot. The accompanying book, written with wife Esther de Angelis, relates the story of his experience of creating artwork for Bowie's album Outside and their subsequent projects, and explains how the results blossomed into the foundation of an entire 78-card deck. The images are indisputably striking, but even given the cards' larger-than-typical size, one cannot help but feel that perhaps some of the visual and emotional impact of the original artwork may have been lessened in the reduction. Some of the major arcana have been retitled -- for example, The Fool becomes "The Sacred Clown", while the Hermit becomes "The Alien".

Available in a standard boxed edition with cards and book, and a limited edition of 3,000 numbered copies featuring larger (3-1/4" x 6"), gilded-edge cards, an exclusive metallic paper portfolio, and certification of authenticity card.