Tarot Apokalypsis

Lo Scarabeo

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79 cards in standard cardboard box (deck only), or 79 cards and 480-page hardcover companion guidebook in cardboard shelfbox (deck/book set)
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In Print
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Erik C. Dunne, Kim Huggens
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As with Dunne and Huggen's previous collaboration, Tarot Illuminati, the Tarot Apokalypsis is filled with detailed and richly colorful art, luxuriously printed and packaged for maximum impact. Here, the artist and author explore ancient cultures, and the mystical traditions associated with their religions. Each suit of the minor arcana is specifically associated with a particular civilization: ancient Egypt (Wands), Greek and Roman (Cups), Norse (Swords), and the Khmer Empire of Cambodia (Pentacles). The major arcana includes a 23rd card that precedes The Fool, entitled The All-Gifted.