Tarot Vandestijl

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79 cards in standard cardboard box with clear plastic window
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Lynyrd-Jym Narciso
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Another unique, independently-published deck by Lynyrd-Jym Narciso that renders the traditional Marseille imagery in the geometric abstractionist style of the early 20th century Dutch art movement of De Stijl. Once again, Narciso demonstrates his chameleon-like ability to seamlessly adapt his artistic expression to the concept; in the Tarot Vandestijl, he flawlessly mimics both the appealing shapes and simple-but-striking primary color pops of De Stijl. Furthermore, in honor of the Dutch masters who pioneered the style, the card titles are printed in Dutch. And even better yet, for those in the know, yes... the deck includes a bonus "Happy Squirrel" card.

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    Tarot Vandestijl

    Posted by April Wagner on Apr 18th 2021

    Tarot collectors collect Tarots often because they are also big art lovers. Lynard-Jym Narciso is not just an artist nor just a Tarot lover, so he has a hit with each new deck. They always feel classic and original. The variety of styles will keep his decks collectible, this time in the style of De Stijl, which is Dutch for The Style. AKA Neo-plasticism, De Stijl is well known by primary colors and, an especial challenge to a Tarot designer, straight lines. The artist has done a good job transporting the Marseille Tarot to the 1920s. I picked the smooth cards because they might be more durable, but they probably look lovely in linen as well. My first card with Tarot Vandestijl is the Six of Cups, which reminds me that I gave my Vanessa Tarot to friend so she could have a much fun with it as I did! Call me silly, but I had a very hard time getting the cards out of this tight box. I almost called Tarot Garden! Then I tore it a little, then I swore, and then I got it open. Later someone suggested a butter knife under the flap to lift it gently. Now I know.. Mr. Narciso has a lot of style, and I look forward to the next deck!