Tarot Z

Lo Scarabeo

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78 cards, package in upright lidded cardboard box (standard edition) or double hinge flap magnetic closure box with flocked card wells (limited edition)
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In Print
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Jaime Elford, Alejandro Colucci
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It's 2020 (as of this writing), and zombies are still a thing. We might have tended to poo-poo another zombie deck, but given that COVID-19 surrounds us at the moment, we're feeling this is strangely relevant again. In any event, this deck really is rather nifty, with good drama and a few nods to cultural favorites in the genre. Plus, for what it's worth, it's very RWS-compatible. Available in two editions upon initial release: a standard edition in upright lidded cardboard box that feels sort of like a gravestone, and a limited edition packaged in a unique magnetic closure, split-front open welled box with the outside designed to look like The Walking Dead's iconic "Do Not Open; Dead Inside" doors.