The Gorgon's Tarot

Schiffer Publishing

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Striking black-and-white images in round frames comprise this self-described "graphic arts project" by Dolores Fitchie. Of the deck, the artist herself says: "As to the cards' meanings, they are not so much interpretations as descriptions, little stories I told myself while I was drawing, and redrawing, and revising, and thus revisiting them." The large round cards may be awkward to handle for readers, but the deck offers a very clean and intriguing set of illustrations for use in spreads. Two cards -- the Devil and a significator card called The Blind Gorgon, include some splashes of red; the remainder of the deck is strictly black-and-white. Other than the significator card, you'll find no snake-haired temptresses here; according to text inside the box lid, the title comes from the artist's personal nickname.