The Prophetic Tarot of the Bible

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78 cards in gold drawstring bag, housed in lidded cardboard box
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Limited edition of 130 numbered, signed copies
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Giordano Berti, Severino Baraldi

If you're seeking a tarot with images that evoke the flavor of the old Hollywood Biblical epics of the 1950s -- this isn't it. Berti and Baraldi's Prophetic Tarot of the Bible focuses instead on Biblically-based Universalist philosophies, and melds Old- and New Testament icons with very modern-day characters and elements. Creator Giordano Berti writes: "[My] ambition was to create 78 images in harmony with any religion and humanitarian doctrine." Released in a limited edition of 170 copies, the large (3.25" x 6" / 79 mm x 155 mm) cards are packaged in a gold drawstring bag, housed in a flocking-lined lidded cardboard box. Each copy includes a statement of limited edition, hand numbered and signed by artist Severino Baraldi. NOTE: The accompanying guidebook provided with our sale copies is written in English.