The Tarot of Light and Shadow

Watkins Media

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158 cards (arranged in two decks) and 160-page softcover guidebook in lidded cardboard box
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In Print
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John Matthews, Andrea Aste
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From the artist of the Lost Code of Tarot and the author of The Lost Tarot of Nostradamus (among other deck/book sets) comes double the tarot insight, in the form of The Tarot of Light and Shadow. Two full 78-card decks are included -- one "light", one "dark" -- that largely but not completely mirror one another. Intended as a tool to allow exploration of multiple aspects of a situation, the deck features Andrea Aste's charming line-drawn character illustrations and John Matthews' insightful interpretations for deep self reflection. The pip cards are technically non-scenic, but feature their suit symbols in varying decorative styles and patterns. The suit of Pentacles (Coins) is renamed as "Serpents"  here. An additional card is included -- unnumbered and placed at the back of each of the arranged decks -- titled "The Cosmic Mirror".