The Urban Tarot

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78 cards in lidded cardboard box
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In Print
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2015, 2019
Robin Scott
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The Urban Tarot employs modern, metropolitan imagery and iconography to create a contemporary take on tarot's classical symbolism. We couldn't think of any better way to describe this fabulous deck than the artist herself has: "Too often we are told that magic and wisdom belong only to the forgotten forests, the places untouched by human hands, and to ages long lost to memory. I reject this idea. I look around my world, and I see the beauty, the wonder, the magic in the metropolis, the power under the pavement. I created The Urban Tarot upon the belief that the ideas and truths referred to by the Tarot are eternal and universal, even if many of the images and symbols that have become connected to the cards no longer resonate with a modern reader. What once might have seemed familiar to the layperson of centuries ago is now arcane and confusing. The Urban Tarot is an attempt to reclaim the power of that old magic and bring it within the reach of the 21st century seeker of truth." The structural basis of the deck is rooted in Crowley's Thoth tarot, in contrast to the more frequently used Waite-Smith system.