Visconti di Modrone Tarot

Lo Scarabeo

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89 cards and 128-page softcover guidebook (text in English and Italian) in hinge lid cardboard case
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Restored by Mattia D'Auge

High-quality reproduction of the historically significant Cary-Yale Visconti deck, also known as the Visconti de Modrone tarot. The Cary-Yale variant of the Visconti differs from others in its composition of 86 - 89 cards -- the total count depending on the particular historical evidence used to extrapolate the deck's construction, since only 67 of the original cards remain. The missing cards have been recreated for this deck by Mattia D'Auge to match the artistic style of the original. Also, in keeping with the gold- and silver leaf materials used for the original, this edition makes heavy use of gold and silver foil stamping -- although the full brilliance of these elements are not readily apparent in our card scans due to the limitations of our scanning equipment.

The cards are made from high-grade cardstock and are oversized, measuring 3.75" x 7.5". The deck and accompanying 128-page guidebook (text in English and Italian) are housed in a sturdy hinged-lid cardboard case.