Erotic Fantasy Tarot

Lo Scarabeo

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78 cards in standard cardboard box
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In Print
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Giacomo Gailli, Eon and Simona Rossi
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We love a good sexy tarot as much as the next person. But in the interest of full disclosure, this is what you'll find in Gailli and Rossi's Erotic Fantasy Tarot: Heavy emphasis on an idealized female form (although there is an interesting pregnancy motif found throughout the deck); lesser emphasis on men, albeit still focused on an idealized male form, with most male figures being in much less of a state of undress than their female counterparts (unless actively engaged in physical relations with female characters); a unapologetic amount of female breasts, but no other exposed genitalia, male or female, thereby keeping the deck solidly in "R"-rated territory and avoiding "NC-17" content (a reference to the American movie rating system for those of you outside of the U.S. reading this description). With that out of the way, if approached as sort of a showcase of pinup girl-type illustrations, the deck can be enjoyable and evocative. NOTE: Adult content; not available for sale to customers under 18 years of age.