Tarot Magow (all editions)


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78 cards; packaging varies by edition
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Out of Print
Preowned; Excellent condition
Country of Publication:
Poland (1st edition); Spain (2nd edition)
Publication Year:
1991 (Polish edition); 1994 (Spanish edition)
Author / Artist:
Jan Witold Suliga, Jan Opaliński

Polish-English edition of the Suliga and Opalinsky deck originally published in 1991. The title of this 78-card Polish deck translates into English as 'Tarot of the Magi.' The imagery includes a heavy dose of Hermeticism. The cards of this edition are smaller (2-5/16 in. x 4-1/4 in.) than its 1991 counterpart. The pip cards contain varying symbols and arrangements, but are not illustrated in the Rider-Waite sense.