Rider Deck - Brailled by Tarot Garden

U.S. Games Systems

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78 Brailled cards. Standard cardboard box included, but note that the complete deck will not fit back in the original box after the Brailling is applied.
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New, but opened for custom Brailling to be applied
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Originally published in 1909; sale copy supply comes from the most recently published U.S. Games Systems edition at time of Braille application.
Author, Artist:
Arthur Edward Waite, Pamela Colman Smith

As a result of the popularity of our special Brailling service, we have now begun stocking a LIMITED supply of Rider (RWS) decks pre-Brailled. Availability will vary, as we don't keep many on hand, and if they sell out before we are ready to arrange to have another batch made, it may be a while before we have them back in stock.

If, however, this item is out of stock -- or if you want to have a deck other than the standard Rider with Braille -- we invite you to use our custom Brailling service. For information on this service, and/or to order a specially Brailled deck, click this link to navigate to our Brailling service page.

If we have ready-made Brailled decks available, you may choose from uncontracted or contracted Braille (if both are in stock). Note that both uncontracted and contracted decks will use abbreviations in the minors. For example, the Queen of Pentacles would be Brailled as "Q of P".

Note that only the cards are Brailled. No Brailled book or instruction sheet is included.